WorkFlow Combines Benefits of Coworking with Yoga

IMG_4533As coworking continues growing 200% year over year for the last five years, according to new findings by JLL, the US industry has begun seeing new concepts and models pop up in markets across the country. There have been new takes on coworking and child care, twists on the suburban model and now a new yoga coworking practice called WorkFlow. The direct result of increased available space on hand and the desire to increase its utilization led the team at Flow Yoga Center to investigate incorporating coworking into what is an already thriving studio.

One of the first businesses to “pioneer” Logan Circle close to 15 years ago, Flow Yoga Center, along with Whole Foods, a locally owned ACE Hardware, and beloved restaurants and retail have been pillars of the now posh and trendy Washington, DC neighborhood. Recently, the studio expanded by opening a new studio which features newer and larger space. While both locations were still consistently full during morning and evening classes, during the workday the original location would sit empty, with the exception of owners and staff…and a few members looking for wifi and peace.

IMG_4529Catherine Zack, Wellness Director at the center, noticed that after the last morning class there were occasionally members who would stick around the lounge area of the studio. Many would simply be continuing conversations with each other, but there were the random few that would be looking to snag some wifi and do a little work before their next appointment or phone call, leaving the Starbucks across the street as last resort. Together with Founder and Owner, Debra Perlson-Mishalove they googled and hacked some workspace solutions and begun quietly testing the concept with existing members this past winter. After two trial days, they found themselves at max capacity and this last week officially launched WorkFlow five days a week.

WORKFLOWINNAGUARATIONA blend of mindfulness, yoga and coworking, WorkFlow is less a coworking membership and more a coworking wellness class. Open for business from 9:30a-4:00p Monday through Friday, the center offers meditation sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and a light yoga based stretch during lunch. Unlimited memberships run $90 a month or $70 a month if bundling with an existing unlimited yoga membership. Drop in passes are available for $110 a week or $30 a day and include one complimentary full yoga class anytime between 10:00a-4:00p the day or week of.

The quick popularity and adoption of WorkFlow (there’s already a waiting list for this Friday) shows that while demand is high for coworking in general, niche spaces might be the driving force in continuing the 200% growth rate moving forward. It’s far more likely for new operators to treat coworking as an add on to an existing business compared to opening up a stand alone space. Possible benefits include far less risk and initial capital investment, the ability to market to an existing customer base and brand a unique angle to traditional shared workspace.


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