Less Talking; More Doing

There have been countless posts in the entrepreneurial blogisphere about all types of success (particularly the overnight variety). Shit, Gary Vee talks about it all the damn time. Over and over again I’ve read very successful people who share how people critique their accomplishments. It’s often far easier to credit luck, timing or connections; claiming it was sudden, etc. when in reality they put in countless years and made tough sacrifices for what they loved.

Umm, hello: Lady Gaga was bullied in high school and worked the trashiest NYC bars/clubs for years; Mark Zuckerberg was obsessed with programming and coding; self taught himself, built, tinkered, and kept doing it. Michael Jordan was actually cut from his high school basketball team!

This is why I think the not so secret “secret sauce” for success is pretty obvious. It’s one of the only things that those three I just mentioned have in common: They put in the work. And not only did they do the work, they did it when it wasn’t paid; when it wasn’t fun; wasn’t understood or even appreciated. They failed. They got booed at. They were made fun of and even down right rejected. Yet, they did and continued to do the work.

Note that talent, creativity, or even smarts alone aren’t the only defining characteristics. There are plenty of talented, creative, brilliant people with ideas a plenty that don’t even make it out the gate because they don’t do the work. Pablo Picasso put it best: “What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.”

So, maybe the next time you catch yourself saying “I should do that”; “I could do that” or even “I wanted to do that”, stop talking and start doing. You might very well surprise yourself at what you can accomplish and achieve when you actually do the work.


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