Deskmag Launches 2017 Global Coworking Survey

This week, Deskmag launches the 2017 Global Coworking Survey. In it’s 6th year, the Global Coworking Survey collects responses from thousands of coworking owners, operators and members from over 75 countries around the world. The data collected, analyzed and published into a report, provides some of the most comprehensive data on the growing shared workspace industry at large. The survey is open now and will continue collecting responses until November 18th.

As is tradition, the survey continues to be 100% anonymous, so as to ensure a level of comfort for participants. Ensuring that there are no ways to track responses to a database, the intention is to have respondents be as honest as possible so as to provide the most comprehensive, accurate and un-biased data available.

The published findings of the Global Coworking Survey have always been made available to the public free of cost and are now presented at coworking conferences around the world. Making this data available to all is a public service to the industry in the coworking spirit of sharing and collaboration. The surveying efforts are made possible through financial support from sponsors such as Social Workplaces, Nexudus and Communitas and promotional support from over 100+ spaces, alliances and associations around the world.

As is tradition, the initial findings will be presented at Coworking Europe 2016 in Brussels later this month. More in depth analysis with focus on specific geographic regions will be presented at their respectful conferences throughout 2017. Thanks in part to new sponsor, Collective Works in Singapore, a first ever report on the ASEAN market will be published and distributed in partnership with Coworking Unconference Asia 2017 in February of next year.

To participate in this year’s survey, become a community supporter or sponsor, please visit

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