Qtly 2017 Miami Recap

The 2017 Qtly: For Owners & Operators of Shared Workspaces North American tour kicked off in Miami this past week, hosted at The Lab Miami, located in the Wynwood neighborhood, Miami’s hot up and coming arts district.

Discovering New Spaces

While the Qtly Crew was headed to Wynwood to check out 360Spaces, we quickly discovered that there were a bounty of coworking spaces in the area – two of which none of us had heard of before and which weren’t on any coworking directory or database we’ve reviewed.

Check out some of the photo albums here of Carbon Wynwood, one of the spaces we discovered. It’s got a top of the line editing bay and recording studio for their members as many are in media production:

Coworkaholic visited on February 20, 2017

Posted by Coworkaholic on Monday, February 20, 2017

Hot Topics

Owners and operators from shared workspaces such as Synergy WorkspacesCIC Miami, StartHub and Quest Workspaces participated in a few unconference sessions focusing on:

  • Proper balance of community management and messaging when promoting events – how much is too much and do you communicate through Slack, Facebook Groups, Email, Google Groups? It’s clear that there’s clear leader in that space – most communities adopt to the communication methods their members best reply to – even if that’s a white board!
  • Richard from SwingSpace and Annette from GetSpaced shared the importance of “Capping Your CAM”! If you don’t know what this means, it stands for “Common Area Maintenance” and is something that you’re more than likely paying if you have a commercial real estate lease.
  • Leanne from Coworker.com dropped some knowledge bombs when it came to sharing best practices for hacking tools to make social media marketing easier and far more cost effective.
  • Lastly, WUN Systems shared some of the technological challenges spaces are facing and a roadmap for working towards a solution that works best for each space.

A Fateful Reunion

Ever have something not go the way you wanted it to go but then you realized it was all meant to be after all? As we begun to discover the amount of spaces we could visit while in Wynwood, we took a break to adjust our schedule for the day and take a much needed Girl Scout Cookie break. I mean, how could Leanne and Noah never have had Samoas before?! What proceeded is a hilarious example of how excited I can get – we ran into a dear friend of mine from my days in DC. Lauren and I have too often missed each other in cities and airports by just a day or even hours, so it was such a great surprise to see her. For your enjoyment, here you go:


A moment so perfect that #TheUniverse just had to have it on video. Seriously still jazzed from such a great surprise reunion; it’s magic like this that I live for! xoxo

Posted by Mike LaRosa on Monday, February 20, 2017

Coworking = Community > Space

Our last stop on our tour of spaces in Miami was the Center for Social Change, an amazing non-profit space that goes to show that coworking is above and beyond just the space, but truly the community. Naomi showed us a more than just their shared space, we had the pleasure of meeting members of the community, non profits that are based out of the location and got a sneak peek at their recent expansion. Short of funding, it’s always inspiring to see organizations that are bootstrapping their design and furniture. Every new part of the renovation and expansion had multiple purposes or uses. Best of all, the feel good vibes…just take a look:

Wrapping up our #Qtly #Miami tour stop – had a great time seeing new #coworking spaces and meeting such great people….

Posted by Coworkaholic on Thursday, February 23, 2017

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