Coworkaholic.com is a new media company, dedicated to all things shared workspace. Our mission is to be a source of news, stories and inspiration. Whether you are an owner/operator, a coworking member or someone curious about the future of work, we invite you to join us!


Our Staff

Mike LaRosa

Co-Founder and Publisher

Mike LaRosaIn an attempt to best describe what it is that he does, Mike one day described himself as a “coworkaholic” and the name just stuck. After experiencing the pains of working at home after ditching life in a 9-5 corporate cube, he’s made it a mission to raise awareness of the benefits of working in social workspaces (of any shape or kind). In addition to studying and consulting on coworking, shared workspace and future of work focused projects, Mike enjoys traveling the world; discovering new cultures and exploring local cuisines. When in Washington, DC (home base) he can be found in the Member’s Lounge at the National Press Club or at the Coworkaholic office in Arlington, VA.

Louis Kim


Louis brings to Coworkaholic a passion for the future of work paired with the business and financial management experience needed for a bootstrapping startup such as this. With an extensive background in Commercial Real Estate investments, he offers the team a perfect mix of insight and instinct while focusing on the overall expansion of the business.

Lindsey Rima

COO and Editor, Community

lindseyAfter a three year tenure in community management, Lindsey launched Worklift Consulting, focused on serving and advising those in the social workspace field. As COO and Editor, Community she keeps the trains running at Coworkaholic and manages all community related content and products. She runs and works out of a pubworking group in Austin, Texas, trains rowdy shelter dogs for fun and has never met a stranger.